Reliable Home Care In Columbus, Ohio

When your independence matters so much, it can be difficult to ask for the help you need. But at some point, everyone needs a hand. Why not get a little help from a senior who cares and understands? If you or a loved one could use a hand, Seniors Helping Seniors® home care services could be just what you need. We’re the only home care agency that exclusively uses seniors as caregivers. We provide in-home senior care and companionship that brightens lives throughout Columbus.

Our senior caregivers provide assistance in so many ways: Light housekeeping, cooking, shopping, mowing, shoveling snow, getting you to the doctor – just about any kind of non-medical care. And we deliver help when and where you need it; our elderly helpers are available for you any day of the week and any hour – even overnight. But the most important thing our home care provides is a renewed sense of joy and companionship.

Many of our caregivers and senior care recipients form strong friendships – and that doesn’t happen by chance. We take the time to get to know both our clients and caregivers. And we strive to pair seniors with compatible personalities, as well as compatible needs and schedules. That’s why, no matter what kind of care and assistance we provide, the experience feels like getting a little help from your friends®.

Seniors Helping Seniors® home care plans are personalized and customizable. You can choose from our long list of senior care services to pick the ones that you want or need. As your requirements change, we can add or remove services to ensure that your plan keeps up with your life. You can adjust your senior care plan at any time so it best helps you to continue to live comfortably and happily.

Here are some of our most popular in-home senior care services in Columbus:

Flexible Senior Care for a Loved One in Columbus

Seniors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the care we provide: We relieve stress on their families, too. After all, we know it isn’t easy when an elderly parent needs more care than you can provide on your own or from a distance. Knowing there’s someone to care for your loved one will let you breathe a lot easier. You’ll be able to relax, knowing that Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care can lend a hand when you can’t be there. Better yet: We provide the care you want at a price you can afford.

You’ll be amazed at the difference that three hours of in-home care can make each week. For example, our senior caregivers can check the fridge, shop, prepare a healthy meal or two, clean out the bathroom, or check on medications. We can do the bending, reaching, and light lifting after injury or surgery. Or we can simply get your loved one out of the house for a change of scenery. Best of all: Senior-to-senior companionship goes hand-in-hand with the care we provide.

Asking for help isn’t easy, so why not ask for a more rewarding life instead? In-home senior care from Seniors Helping Seniors® Columbus can help make that happen. Take the first step and call us today!